PhD Poisition to study the neural circuit mechanisms of memory (closed)

We are looking a highly qualified and strongly motivated candidate interested in studying how neuronal circuits underlie memory and behavior using state of the art imaging technology applied in health and disease conditions. The project is at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, molecular imaging, and quantitative analysis of high dimensional data-sets. It implies the use of a mouse model we recently established of antibody-mediated disruption of synaptic function causing alteration of memory formation. The project will investigate the role of “place neurons” and associated circuitry in the generation and retrieval of spatial memories. Using hippocampal implanted mini-microscopes we will perform in vivo calcium imaging of neuronal activity when freely moving mice are forming and retrieving memories in normal and pathological conditions. The plastic changes occurring in the hippocampal circuitry will be characterized from normal conditions to a state of severe anterograde amnesia and back to normal.

The project is supported by CELLEX foundation, and will be developed at IDIBAPS, under the PhD program of Biomedicine of UB. The projected is led by Josep Dalmau, MD, PhD and co-directed by Jaime De la Rocha PhD and Pablo Jercog PhD.  The mission of IDIBAPS is to encourage translational research, innovation, and technological progress in the field of biomedicine

Candidates with a very good track record in their undergraduate degree (e.g. biology, physics or psychology) and a strong interest in a neuroscience related discipline, interested in highly advanced molecular and in vivo neuronal imaging are encouraged to apply. Candidates with good oral and written skills in English will be given preference.

Please send CV and the contact information of 1-2 references to:  A brief statement of career goals would be of assistance. Candidates will be evaluated starting in March 15th and until the position is filled. Estimated starting date: 09/2015