Theoretical Neurobiology of Cortical Circuits

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Computational neurobiological models


We focus our research on the exploration of the mechanisms that operate in the cerebral cortex during perceptual and cognitive processes. Our methods include computer and mathematical modelling with sufficient biological detail to compare directly with electrophysiological data, and with explicit large-scale anatomical detail so we can relate with neuroimaging and anatomical results. We build computational models that specify quantitatively current hypotheses of brain structure and function. These models provide insight into the mechanisms underlying cortical function, they have predictive power and they constitute coherent mechanistic implementations of the way we currently think the brain works.

Computational neuroscience lab at IDIBAPS


Our lab is part of the computational neuroscience teams at the IDIBAPS (Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer). The IDIBAPS is one of the largest biomedical research institutes in Spain. It is chaired by Catalonia’s government (Generalitat de Catalunya) and is associated with one of Barcelona’s main hospitals Hospital Clínic, with the University of Barcelona, and with Spain’s Research Council CSIC .

The Clinical and Experimental Neurosciences Research Unit at IDIBAPS incorporates other research laboratories concerned with the study of the neurobiological mechanisms of cortical circuits and their dysfunctions. This provides an exciting multidisciplinary environment to inspire, motivate and validate our computational hypotheses.

Our location


We are physically located in the Centre Esther Koplowitz for biomedical research, in the heart of Barcelona’s business and art nouveau district, the Eixample. Our address is Rosselló 149, right in front of the metro stop “Hospital Clínic”.

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